Proximity To Discovery

Reactive Funds

We are pleased to announce our new MRC Proximity to Discovery funding stream, Reactive Funds for the Organisation of Workshops and Theme Days, Travel Funds, and Development Funds, aimed at improving the interface between academia and industry in the translational research space.

The scheme will provide funding to cover travel, accommodation costs and meeting expenses (where no external funding schemes exist for this purpose) to allow researchers to engage with industry and pharma contacts with a view to developing future collaborations, for instance:

  • organise small meetings, workshops and sandpit events in order to bring researchers from different research disciplines together, industry and pharma colleagues;
  • Incoming Placements / Theme days: To bring senior managers from industry into the University to work alongside academic colleagues. Examples of activity funded are: facilitated observation of specialised clinics, patient-focused meetings, 1 or 2 day workshops or fora considering unmet clinical need and therapeutic opportunities.
  • Meetings with companies to improve / enable future collaborations;
  • Outgoing placements to industry: To undertake short placements in industry to develop collaborations, strengthen existing skills or to develop skills and expertise in a new technique or discipline.

Funds may also be sought under the Development Fund category to develop a project with an industrial partner with a view to developing future collaborations, for instance:

  • Project funding – to help nurture industry collaborations
  • Technology jumping – to make adjustments to current research activity/devices to focus on and apply to new areas of development to make them of interest to commercial partners
  • Prototyping – to engage with companies to develop technology to support IP currently owned by the University, or to generate new IP.

Collaborators must have been identified in advance of making the application, and it is anticipated that they will include an element of timeliness.

This is a reactive scheme, so applications can be received at any time, and funds will be distributed until they run out.

Full details and an application form can be downloaded here: PtD Reactive Funds.

Applications should not exceed two sides, and are to be submitted to the P2D Programme Manager Sarah Greenhalgh.  Informal enquiries can be directed to Sarah via email or on (0191 20) 86944.