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Lewy Body Dementia

Newcastle has been at the forefront of research into Lewy body dementia and has been instrumental in defining clinical criteria for the diagnosis of Lewy body dementia, developing new ways of diagnosing Lewy body dementia such as the DaTSCaN, and being a pioneer in leading on treatment trials for these conditions.

Our dedicated Lewy body dementia Biomedical Research Unit, is the heart of our research work and brings together our world class translational facilities including clinical facilities (CRESTA clinics and Clinical Ageing Research Unit), imaging, brain bank and Lewy body dementia focussed biomarker laboratories as well as advanced electrophysiological facilities including EEG-fNIRS.

We are also privileged to be a key member of the UK Dementia Platform and one of five networked national centres which will have dedicated dementia state-of-the-art combined PET/MR facility.
These facilities combined with a critical mass of internationally recognised experts in the field of Lewy body dementia research mean that we are uniquely able to deliver with industry partners solutions to the problems and challenges faced by people living with Lewy body dementia.

In February, the Newcastle Proximity to Discovery – Opportunity funding scheme funded a successful 3-day event that engaged Industry and Academic specialists to discuss and debate issues around Lewy Body Dementia.  More information on that event can be found here:  Lewy Body Dementia workshop.

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