Proximity To Discovery

NU Innovates FMS Fellows

We will be offering NU Innovates training sessions How to give an Elevator Pitch and Sell Your Research Ideas, facilitated by Dr Dave Simpson.

I am sure you will all by now realise the importance of being able to sell yourselves and your ideas in a succinct way, and we hope that this Elevator Pitch training, provided by an experienced academic entrepreneur, will be hugely beneficial to you as you look to develop your careers.

We are offering two half-day workshops, on Thursday 18th October and Wednesday 24th October (content will be duplicated) facilitated by Dr Dave Simpson.  They will start with lunch, before the formal training starts, with group work, followed by an opportunity to pitch to your colleagues in the room and receive feedback.

Our original target audience was the FMS Faculty Fellows, however we are now opening this up to Fellows and early career researchers from across the University whose research interests are aligned with those of the Medical Research Council.

Those that attend the training session will be invited to apply for P2D funding of £5-10k per project via a “pitch” to the Proximity to Discovery panel (referencing the criteria of the Proximity to Discovery reactive scheme), to take place in December (full details will be made available at the training session).  The “successful” candidates at this session will go on to work up an application with the Programme Manager / Business Development Managers, which should lead to a 100% chance of obtaining P2D funding for their ideas!

Even if you do not feel that you have an idea that you want to pitch for funding, the transferrable skill of being able to give a good elevator pitch will be invaluable.

We will be holding two duplicate workshops, and booking is essential:

Thursday 18th October, 12.30-5pm (booking closes 16th October).

Wednesday 24 October 2018, 12.30-5pm (booking closes 22nd October).

Both sessions will take place at the Great North Museum.

Questions can be directed to Sarah Greenhalgh.