Proximity To Discovery

Proximity to Discovery Project Funding call 2018

Apply to PtD Industry Opportunity Fund

The Newcastle Proximity to Discovery scheme (PtD) is a renewable MRC award held by the University, with Professor Mark Birch-Machin as lead PI.  This year we were successful in securing £178,000 to distribute under their 2018 MRC Proximity to Discovery (P2D) award.  The Proximity to Discovery: Industry Engagement Fund is designed to provide flexible funding for innovative ways to enable the initial development of academic-industry collaborations[1].

 The fund is being used as an opportunity to shape programmes to reach out and improve the interface between academia and industry in the translational research space.  We are particularly interested in projects that enhance academic understanding of industry or vice versa[2], and that create a strong engagement/innovation culture in industry-driven research.


Applications are invited for funding to support opportunities to interact and engage with industry, to develop current links into new theme areas or attract new industrial partners with whom to collaborate.

Applications could include, but are not limited to:

  1. Project funding – to support ideas and help nurture industry collaborations;
  2. Technology jumping –to make adjustments to current research activity/devices to focus on and apply to new areas of development to make them of interest to commercial partners;
  3. Prototyping –to engage with companies to develop technology to support IP currently owned by the University, or to generate new IP.

It is expected that most projects will have identified a commercial partner with whom to collaborate, and a letter of support should be appended to the application.  Where this is not possible, please clearly explain how you plan to engage with identified industrial partners.

Duration:  Projects must have a clearly identified timeline, and MUST FINISH by August 2019, (extensions beyond this date will not be permitted).

Value:  Applications should be between £5,000 and £25,000.

Before applying, please ensure that you read the PtD Project Funding guidance and complete the PtD Project Funding Application Form 2018.

DEADLINE:  9am, Friday 6th July to Sarah Greenhalgh

[1] MRC scheme guidelines,

[2] As footnote 1.